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With you in every Choice to reach perfection

We assist and support you from the first briefing to the final creation by taking care of all your needs. We select together the best materials with particular care, combining tradition and avant-garde.

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We are flexible just like wood

Every customer has a particular taste, specific desires and ideas that must be listened to, interpreted and brought to life. For this reason it is necessary to be sensitive, elastic and flexible, just like wood.

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Starting with raw material,
we immediately follow with professionalism

We personally choose the wood that we use for our projects because raw material is the most important thing to us.

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Our company branches

Wood is our passion: furniture, furnishing accessories, flooring, roofing and the houses that we design, build and maintain. We take care of interior and exterior designs and renovations in traditional style, with a particular sensitivity to sustainable solutions. Ours is always a turnkey service.

Wooden furniture. A living material for a living space

We listen to all of your requests. We make them possible by working together with you and our team of architects and professional woodworkers.

Thank to our renderings we can give you a realistic idea of how the furniture we have designed specifically for you will fit into your house or work environment.

We promote the use of PEFC-certified solid wood and the use of selected and less common wood.
Furnishing accessories. We bring them to your house

We design and create unique and customizable furnishing accessories, in collaboration with Ceramica Pompucci.

By purchasing them, you will make your contribution to our environmental and social sustainability projects.

You can also order them on our shop on line.
We take care of all the spaces you live in.

We deal with interior and exterior design and renovation.
We manage the entire construction process for you and with you: design, tax and legal advice, paperwork, choice and supply of materials, installation and construction management, maintenance.

Thanks to our renderings, we can give you a realistic idea of what your house, your work environment or your garden will look like.
We take care of all the steps

We design, manufacture and maintain our wooden roofs and attics.

Thanks to our renderings, we can give you a realistic idea of what our final project will look like, once completed, the project we have designed for you.
No more concrete

We design, build and maintain your wooden house (new buildings and elevations).

Because it’s safe, sustainable, energy efficient, welcoming and contemporary. We design it with you in every single detail so that it meets your needs and it’s unique.

We help you visualize the final result thanks to our realistic renderings and professional videos.

The roots of our project

Choose Wood is a lifestyle choice. The choice of two friends and university colleagues, both construction engineers who, after a long experience in the construction field and contracts in large multinationals, decided to embark on a new professional path and choose the wood to restart, strongly inspired by social sustainability and in the respect of our environment.

«A few years ago I decided to leave a job that had given me a lot and to restart by gaining experience in wood working. By doing that I discovered the magic of wood and felt the need to develop my idea of a company: a flexible organization, devoted to the balance between goals and values, in which to grow my sensitivity towards sustainable solutions and raw materials”

Oscar Indino – CEO & Founder

«To me Choose Wood is the result of my personal research for a more sustainable way of experiencing work. A need I developed during my long professional career: being able to choose the way I wanted to work, with whom and how I wanted to set up the relationships with my co-workers…furthermore, having the possibility to do something useful for the society and the environment I live in was something really important to me”

Corrado Gamba – CEO & Founder

Two handsome fellas

that grow together
with a network of professionals

In this journey we have partnered with skilled architects and woodworkers who also have decided to work with us recognizing our professionalism and uniqueness overall.





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